Barclay's Tree Farm

Pricing & Products

Tree Prices

All Christmas Trees are just $55 for ANY size up to 12 feet!

All Christmas over 12 feet are $120.

Pricing & Products

Other Products We Proudly Offer

We offer freshly made Christmas Wreaths.  $30 for decorated wreaths and $20 for plain.  

We also offer sturdy, well built Cinco Christmas Tree Stands.  We sell 3 sizes suitable for 8 foot, 10 foot, and 12 foot trees.  These stands have a wide base, can fit most any size trunk, and have a large well to hold plenty of water.  

We also sell Christmas tree disposal bags to make removal after the season quick, easy, and clean.

We carry Watering Elves for $10.  What is a Watering Elf?  It's a handy watering funnel, eliminating the need to crawl underneath the branches to water the Christmas Tree.

We also have saws, rope, and netting, all for free.  We also offer free assistance for cutting down, carrying, loading, and tying down your Christmas Tree.